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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fantastic Feature Friday...And the Winner is...

Today is full of surprises!! I love surprises, my girls always ask me if I want hints for my birthday or christmas presents and I always tell them, "No, Mommy likes to be surprised". It drives them nuts, lol.

So my surprise today is that the winner of my Giveaway is also going to be today's featured Etsyian!! She doesn't know this **shsh**!! Please give her shop lots of love ~ make sure to heart and cart if you are so inclined :D

And the winner is..........TURTLE BEAD................!!!!

Here's a little quote from her bio:

"I'm addicted to making handmade jewelry. I'm big on arts and crafts and participating on anything remotely creative. Turtle Bead on Etsy is the reflection of my love for my many hobbies."

"Although I LOVE making jewelry there's nothing like crafting a candle. My favorite part is when a customer lights up with happiness after they take their first whiff of their favorite scent. It makes my day! It's incredible what scent can do. It can take you transport you to your favorite memories and relieve emotional tension."

Please visit Turtle Bead at http://www.tbead.etsy.com/ !!

Turtle Bead is also the winner of my Rose Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream. Congratulations Turtle Bead!!

Would you like to be my surprise Fantastic Feature Friday Etsyian? If you are interested, please message by conversation at http://www.etherealbeginnings.etsy.com/ or email me at ethereal1@live.com.

Wow, it's been a wonderful week here at Ethereal Beginnings. Thank you all so much for blogging in and entering my giveaway. I am going to be having one each week, so be sure to blog in on Marvelous Monday for your chance to enter.

Cheers and Blessings,


Turtle Bead said...

Woohoo! lol Thank you so much! I've never won anything before :D and I've also been wanting to get some anti-aging cream for awhile! It will be my first as well. ;)

Thank you for featuring me as well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Turtle Bead! Woot!