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Friday, April 30, 2010

Etsy Wedding Finds...Part 2

Today we will continue with what is available on Etsy for your special day. I must say, the plethora of items is phenomenal and there are some very hard choices. Here are some creative and talented sellers who can provide you with bridal jewelry and accessories:


In my Etsy travels I discovered this amazing shop. Luly's Wedding Accessories is one-stop shopping for all your bridal accessory needs. Items she has are: Flower Girl Baskets, Wands, Halos, Hair Accessories, Ring Bearer Pillows, Kneeling Pillows, Cake Toppers, Keepsake/Toss Garter Set, Guest Books, Engraved Bride & Groom Toasting Flutes,Unity Candle/Taper Sets, Engravable Stainless Steel Cake Serving Sets, Bridal Pouch or Money Dance Bag, Veil Fasteners and Bridal Hair Clips, Bridesmaids Hair Accessories, Wristlet Cuffs, Boutonnieres, and Mother's Corsages. She currently has over 250 items in her shop and custom orders are welcome. A visit to Luly's is a must on your to-do list of wedding planning. Visit Luly at http://www.luly612.etsy.com/. Please see below for images of some of Luly's items:


Jewelry is such an individual choice. A piece of jewelry can project a girl's image for all to see. Pearls, crystals, silver, gold; any combination large or small is available for you on Etsy. Below are a sampling of some wonderfully creative wedding jewelers:

Little White Chapel has an array of lovely jewelry pieces for your big day. Please visit the Little White Chapel at http://www.littlewhitechapel.etsy.com/.


Somerset Road is a creative jeweler who uses vintage ideas for inspiration. Her "Vintage Inspired Jewelry with a Modern Twist" are sure to be a big hit with our vintage loving brides. Visit Somerset at http://www.somersetroad.etsy.com/.


For gorgeous simplicity check out these Handmade Gold Earrings with Golden Netted Teardrops from Lizzy B. Designs, http://www.lizzybdesigns.etsy.com/.

This necklace combination of Pearl, Garnet and Vermiel from Jewelicide would be an exquisite addition. Visit Jewelicide at http://www.jewelicide.etsy.com/.

Again as with yesterday's bridal gowns, I could go on and on about the wonderful accessory and jewelry artists here on Etsy. I hope I have given you a good start on where to find all your wedding needs on Etsy.

This is my last post in our wedding series. It has been fun and exciting researching trends and ideas for today's couple. I have learned that there is truly no limit to what you can do for your special day. All you need is a little imagination!!

Thank you so much for blogging in. Join me on Monday for a little insight into Ethereal Beginnings and how we came to be. :D

Cheers and Blessings,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Etsy Wedding Finds...Part 1

To wrap up our Wedding Series I have searched through Etsy to find you great sellers for all your wedding needs. To start off here are some gorgeous bridal gowns:

First up is Bridal Designs by Erin. I have fallen in love with every dress this designer creates.

This Beaded Gown has a drop waistline and is made of matte satin and chiffon.

Erin also designs Flower Girl and Bridesmaid Dresses.

Please visit Erin at her shop www.bridaldesignsbyerin.etsy.com.


If you are looking for a modern and whimsical flair then Carol Hannah of The Wedding Collection is the designer to see. This Anson Street Gown is exquisite:

Fully boned and faced bodice of duchess silk satin is overlayed with hand applied ruffles of silk mesh, satin faced silk organza, and silk chiffon which graduate from white to ivory to a hand dyed antique champagne. Subtle pink interlaced in the sash. Covered buttons to waist and modified sweetheart neckline. Completed with a full skirt of satin faced silk organza.

Please visit Carol at her shop www.theweddingcollection.etsy.com


Another brilliant designer is Joan Shum and if you love tulle this dress is perfect. Joan is a versatile designer allowing her brides the options of adding additional pieces and adjusting the length of her gowns.

"Love In The Mist" is a beautiful three or two piece ensemble, all separate. The corset, the off the shoulder mesh top (optional), and the modify A-line skirt with dramatic tulle design.

Please visit Joan at her shop www.joanshum.etsy.com


This last designer I want to show you is located in Rome and I adore European designs. This Magherita Wedding Gown is to die for and currently it is available with Free Shipping:

"Margherita Wedding Dress" in fabulously rich bridal satin with lace overlay, scalloped edges, crystals details, and sweep train. Choose zipper, buttons or lace up corset closure. Bellina also offers choice of colour for her bridal designs.

Please visit Bellina at her shop www.bellinabridal.etsy.com


*Sigh* I could look at wedding gowns all day. These are only a sampling of what is available here on Etsy. So, spend an afternoon getting lost in the creative brilliance of these amazing designers and I'm sure you'll find the perfect dress for you.

Please join me tomorrow where I will be showcasing bridal jewelry and accessories found on Etsy. Thanks for blogging in and have a tremendously wonderful Thursday.

Cheers and Blessings,

My Feature on Metsy (A Man's Guide To Etsy)

A slight interjection between wedding posts. But I wanted to let you know that I was featured on Metsy (A Man's Guide to Etsy). This team of men have created a place where men can go to check out product reviews of items for men on Etsy.

They graciously have featured my Men's Midnight Sun Shaving Cream. Please check out the Metsy blog and if you have products for men in your shop, feel free to contact them, they'd love to hear from you.

Metsy Blog: www.metsyblog.blogspot.com

Now back to our regular blogging :D Thanks,
Cheers and Blessings,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Finances..Budget Ins and Outs

Today we are discussing the nitty gritty of wedding finances. Probably the least favourite aspect of planning a wedding. If funds were unlimited, couples could have an extravaganza of a lifetime. But we could say that about all aspects of life as well, if funds were unlimited.

But just before we get to the finances, I would like to let you know that the comment sections of my blog have been fixed and you can feel free to leave comments. I was advised by a few people that they had tried to leave comments and were unable to. Unfortunately, the comments section was disabled (unsure why), but happily, it has been rectified. Now to the nitty gritty:

The current economic situation hasn't put a damper on couples wedding plans. According to Wedding Bell's Annual Reader Survey, the average expected cost of your big day is increasing and has been steadily since 2007. Here are a few statistics:

  • the average guest list consists of approximately 140 people
  • the expected cost of a wedding in 2010 is $19,274.00 ~ up from $17,300.00 in 2008 and $19,038.00 in 2009
  • 46% of couples foot the bill with their savings
  • 32% of couples rely on family contributions
  • 16% of couples take out a loan (ouch!!)
Here is an average budget breakdown:
  • Reception Venue        $7,282.00 (incl dinner, favours, decor etc)
  • Bridal Gown               $1,083.00
  • Wedding Rings           $1,557.00 (not including engagement ring)
  • Photographer              $1,682.00
  • Wedding Cake            $ 335.00
  • Florist / Decor             $ 881.00
  • Transportation / Limo  $ 569.00
  • DJ / Musicians             $ 805.00
  • Honeymoon                 $3,632.00
The above breakdown totals $17,826.00 but does not include items such as bridal/groom party gifts, rehearsal dinner, wedding planner or minister.

While planning a wedding can be exciting and loads of fun but there are a few cons to this delightful process. Unfortunately, 32% of couples find wedding planning more stressful than enjoyable and 36% anticipate having disagreements with their in-laws. If you feel you may fall into either of these percentages, a few things you might consider is to 1) find a great wedding planner; this will lessen the stress somewhat and 2) have a pre-wedding planning discussion with both sides of the family and express with compassion your desires for your special day to ensure that all family members are on the same track with what you want.

Now, in my opinion, $20,000.00 is a hefty sum to pay, and while I truly believe that every couple deserves the most spectacular wedding as it is a celebration of love and union; the one and only day that focuses solely on you; there are options to help in reducing the cost. Here are a few ideas that may aid in that aspect:
  • use your resources; probably the biggest help you would receive in reducing your costs
  • if you know someone who is an excellent baker, ask them to provide your cake as their gift to you
  • for transportation/limo, if you know someone who has a classic car that they may be willing to drive for you
  • if you wear a 6, 8 or 10, check out sample sales, which generally happen once a year; it is a great opportunity to get a designer dress at rock bottom prices
  • if you are planning to get married in a church, consider timing your wedding around a major holiday, the church will already be beautifully decorated thereby saving you money on decor but if planning your wedding near a major holiday is unappealing to you look for simplicity ~ a candlelit ceremony cna be gorgeous, romantic and inexpensive
  • throw a "pitch-in" party where you ask your friends to be a special part of your wedding by helping you assemble invitations, favours, centrepieces and other homemade inexpensive touches; be sure to put out a few delicious munchies, turn on the stereo for inspiring tunes so that it feels more like a party instead of just an assembly line.
  • last but not least, use the internet; the online world is a wealth of information and goodies that will help you save on your special day
The budget ins and outs of wedding planning can be a stressful time but the key to remember is to not get carried away and plan outside the budget but to enjoy all aspects of the planning leading up to your wonderful day as those will be what you most remember ;D

Okay, time to get out of the nitty gritty. Tomorrow and Friday I will be finishing up our Wedding Series with some very creative and talented Etsy sellers. I'll let you know where to get the best of the best from Etsy for your spectacular day.  Thanks for blogging in and I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Cheers and Blessings,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Wedding Theme..It's All The Rage!!

Do you love the idea of vintage weddings? Is the Victorian age your personal favorite? How about the roaring twenties or the fabulous fifties? The span of just over one hundred years has given us plenty of ideas for fun, unique, and excellent wedding theme choices. So let's see what theme wedding appeals to you.

Starting with the Victorian age, you could plan a wedding around a formal Victorian garden. Or perhaps a more intimate, casual, early afternoon wedding with a Victorian tea party is more your style. Parasols, lace gloves, beautiful blooms, and vintage-look invitations are definitely needed for this theme era.

Moving on, we have the Roaring Twenties, with speakeasies, feather boas, flapper dresses, and long pearl necklaces. Free-spirited and fun-loving, this era gave us some of the best jazz music.

The "Art Deco 30's" and the big band era of the forties are also wonderful choices for anyone planning a vintage theme wedding. The fifties gave us rock n' roll, sock hops, and poodle skirts, while the sixties were filled with peace symbols, granny glasses, and flowered bell-bottoms. The seventies moved us into disco, Saturday Night Fever, mini-skirts, hot pants, and open shirts which displayed lots of gold chains and medallions.

The past century has certainly been a wild ride, with changes practically every decade. Take the time to look back at what decade appeals most to you, and then do a bit of research on it to find out dress styles, music choices, dance steps, decor, and other such information. This background information will help as you make decisions on wedding colors, cake style, menu, decorations, favors, and most importantly, your bridal attire for the entire wedding party.

Oh, if I could go back and do it again, I think my choice would be the Roaring 20's. How fun that would be!!

Well, this is our wrap up for wedding themes. So many to choose from, I wonder how a bride today can stand it!! Weddings can be so personal and individual nowadays. The only thing you need is imagination ;D

Join me tomorrow for Wedding Finanaces..The Budget Ins and Outs. It's time to get to the nitty gritty. Thanks for blogging in and have a tremendous Tuesday!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Unique Wedding Themes..From Animal to Historical

Would you love to have a wedding theme based on Dolphins or your favourite Fairytale or even Shakespearean? Here are some wonderfully wild and unique wedding themes for your special day from wedthemes.com. I just love this site, it seems to have it all:

Animal Wedding Themes:

Regardless of what you choose, animal wedding themes show your love and admiration for the creatures that inhabit this world with us.

One of the most popular themes is the butterfly wedding theme. These fluttering fantasies present a beautiful array of colors that would enrich any wedding celebration.

Another favorite is a dolphin wedding theme. These playful sea mammals are as intelligent as they are fun to watch. The perpetual delight on their faces always make me smile, and their "laugh" is infectious. It's no wonder so many people choose dolphins to base their wedding theme around.

What other ideas are there? Here's a list to get your imagination soaring.

Otters,Sea Horses,Unicorns,Bears,Tigers,Rabbits,Cows,Flamingos,Owls,
Tropical Fish,Sea Turtles,Wolves.

Celestial Wedding Themes:

Reach for the moon, sun, and stars by planning a unique celestial theme wedding. Since ancient times, the dark sky with it's millions of twinkling lights has fascinated humankind. The glowing ball of the daytime sun has intrigued us. There are lots of options when planning a wedding that involves the beautiful heavens, so let's see what celebration ideas we can come up with.

When we say "celestial", we often think of a dark starry night, perhaps a shooting star on which to make a loving wish, and a beautiful moon casting it's soft light upon the earth.

Some couples choose to be married outdoors at night, which can be wonderfully intimate when you only have a small wedding party present. However, for a larger gathering, it's best to choose an indoor location. Some suggestions would be a local planetarium, a small hotel up on a hill or nestled in a wooded area (so guests can go outside to gaze at the stars), or a public lodge located in a provincial/state/national park.

If possible, set up a couple of telescopes to allow guests to view the constellations and planets as they pass overhead. This is also a great activity to keep kids entertained during the reception, along with perhaps an interesting kids documentary that talks about the galaxy and universe. Books, games, coloring pages, and other related astrological items would also work to keep them occupied.

As a general celestial theme wedding, your decorations will consist of gold stars, yellow moons and suns, twinkle lights behind dark fabric, and tables covered in black or navy blue tablecloths.

Fantasy / Fairytale Theme:

When someone says "fairytale weddings," we immediately think of Cinderella or perhaps a Disney destination wedding. However, not all fairy tale weddings need to be a copycat of the Cinderella theme. With a little imagination and "thinking outside the box," you can find numerous ways to have your fantasy dream wedding that is elegant, but based on the fairy tale that you enjoy the most.

Once upon a time there was a couple. And this couple wanted to have a wedding celebration that included "wizards." Now there was a novel fantasy wedding theme... something a bit different and fun, yet reflected their interests. Here are a few more ideas that fall into the fantasy wedding category and can provide unique concepts for weddings.


What fantasy creatures fascinate you? Use them as your inspiration for your own wedding planning.

As for fairytale weddings, here are a few of the more popular ones(mostly based on popular Disney movies):

Enchanted(New York theme),Beauty and the Beast,The Little Mermaid(ocean theme),Lady and the Tramp(Italian theme),Finding Nemo(ocean theme),Aladdin (Arabian Theme),The Lion King(safari/jungle Theme),Shrek,The Arabian Nights

Historical Wedding Theme:

A historical period wedding embraces the classical nature of specific and well-known time periods of the past. With their fascinating histories and clothing styles, these types of themes are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Popular choices for a historical period wedding include: Elizabethan (associated with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Shakespeare (1564-1616), Ancient Rome (9 BC-5 AD), Ancient Greece (750 BC-146 BC), Medieval (5 AD-14th century), Renaissance (14th-17th centuries), and American Colonial (1776-1849).

Before you dive into your wedding plans, you should take the time to get to know a bit of the history behind the era of your choice. You'll want to know what people wore, what they ate, how they conducted their wedding celebrations (for rich and poor classes), etc.

It's certainly not expected for you to try to duplicate exactly what people of those eras did, but you will definitely want to incorporate some of those unique aspects into your own wedding plans, so that your ceremony and reception appear more authentic. So take the time to do a bit of historical research and write down any ideas that impress you. You can then look over your notes and pick out the ones that appeal to you the most.

There you have it, some wonderfully wild and unique wedding theme ideas. This shows me that there is really no limit to one's imagination and individuality.

Join me tomorrow for Vintage Wedding Themes. I have reserved an entire blog just for this theme as it is extremely popular right now and so much can be done with this theme. Thanks for blogging in and I hope you all have a great Monday!

Cheers and Blessings,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Seasonal Themed Weddings

Would you have your wedding in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Discover the season best suited for you. Check out these following wedding theme ideas from wedthemes.com.

Spring Themed Weddings:

"Spring has sprung and the grass has risen, birds are chirping and the spring bride glistens."

Flowers are usually a theme that's focused on when it comes to weddings in the spring. Daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, lilies, and tulips are some of the favorite flowers chosen by brides. Any one of these can be used to plan a theme wedding around.

If the weather where you live tends to be mild and sunny, consider having a Victorian Garden wedding outdoors, or perhaps have a small intimate ceremony in a butterfly enclosure. Another option is to focus your spring wedding ideas on flowering bushes and trees such as lilacs, apple, orange and/or cherry blossoms.

Pastel colors are what's most appropriate for spring weddings. Think pale yellows, pinks, purples, blues, and greens. Pair two or more shades together - pink and green or purple and yellow for example, to create a color wedding theme.

You can also take one of these shades and match it with an earth tone color such as chocolate brown, terra cotta, or beige. The main rule of thumb is to stay away from dark, rich colors such as royal blue, dark green, deep burgundy, and other such shades, which are more suitable for late fall and winter weddings. Remember to keep your wedding colors light and airy to reflect the renewal of spring.

Summer Themed Weddings:

Bridal magazines, wedding planning guides, and Internet resources can provide you with a ton of ideas for planning a summer wedding. From flowers to colors to outdoor suggestions, you won't be at a loss for creative themes.

Most wedding gown manufacturers design their dresses to be worn during the warm months of spring and summer, so your dress options are in the greatest supply at this time. Beach weddings are extremely popular, along with tropical themes, and destination weddings.

Since the season is so popular for brides and grooms, services are in high demand. In order to get what you want, shopping and booking early is very important.

When it comes to bridal bouquets and flower arrangements, you're in luck. This is the time of year when a huge variety of flowers are available. The most popular choices include roses, daisies, foxglove, hyacinth, bachelor buttons, geraniums, hollyhock, tiger lilies, poppies, carnations, sunflowers, calla lilies, and pansies.

Keep your guests in mind when planning your reception. Summer, being what it is, can range from a warm, sunny, mild day; or develop a blistering heat wave; or provide a never ending torrent of rain. You need to be prepared and should choose a location where shelter and air conditioning is available, if possible.

In the end, just remember that summer wedding ideas offer you a freshness reflecting the season, lots of sunshine, and happiness. Enjoy your perfect day to the fullest.

Autumn Themed Weddings:

Autumn weddings are a time to embrace nature's beautiful bounty of vibrant fall colors such as light greens, faded yellows, burnt oranges, burgundy reds, and chocolate browns. In fact, pairing these colors (as well as blue, pink, terra cotta, ivory, plum, and white) with various shades of brown can make a stunning and elegant wedding theme combination.

Your decor will most likely highlight these colors, along with using the symbols reminiscent of fall: leaves, pumpkins and gourds, wheat stalks, Indian corn, acorns, etc. If you're coming up short on unique ideas for your fall wedding theme, just select an autumn item and plan your wedding around it.

For example, use the colors found in Indian corn as your wedding accents, while using the corn itself to inspire favor box colors, favor tag shapes, table centerpiece arrangements, and more.

Often times, an item that you find online can inspire the direction your planning will take - usually with very personal and unique results.

Winter Themed Weddings:

You could choose your winter wedding flowers as your main theme, using the flower type and color as your inspiration for decorations, centerpieces, favors, cake style, and wedding attire. You can also opt to focus your wedding theme upon the colors of winter. And don't worry, you needn't settle for red and green! Think clear crystal, pure white, ice blue, midnight blue, teal green, ruby reds, burgundy, gold, silver, and finally - jewels tones of ruby, sapphire, emerald, and purple.

To make your reception decor "pop" add twinkle lights to bare branch trees, framing doorways, and along the bar. For an even more dramatic affect, tack ribbon streams of midnight blue tulle netting or gossamer from the center of the ceiling out to the corners of the room, then drape twinkle lights within the material. (Note: make sure the lights aren't sitting on the material, but are suspended up a bit - or use "cool" lights, so there won't be a chance of fire.) You can wrap columns and banisters in the same way.

You will find several articles online featuring ideas to help you plan the winter theme wedding of your dreams. Enjoy!


Oh, the choices are endless. I would have to say that my favourite is Winter. What is your favourite? Please feel free to let us know what season you would choose and why.

Please join me on Monday for some wonderfully wild wedding themes from Annimal to Historical, you never know what can happen ;D. Thanks for blogging in, hope you all have a great weekend.

Cheers and Blessings,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eco Friendly Weddings

Happy Earth Day!! I know that in yesterday's post I had said that I would be discussing Seasonal Themed Weddings but in light of today being Earth Day, I decided it would be best to have a look at Eco Friendly Weddings!! So, from the ring to the reception, say “I do” to a green celebration.

You are already living an eco-conscious lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that you want your wedding to be a reflection of that. Luckily, there's a movement towards helping new brides and grooms find the support and alternative items they need. A great place to start is by reading a book by New York Times writer Mireya Navarro called "Green Wedding".

"It all stems from a want to avoid waste and excess,” says Navarro. “Being green keeps couples in check as far as not overspending and not overdoing it.” The key is to follow the principles of the three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle and apply that to every aspect of your wedding."


Go for recycled gold, which is not fresh-mined. It may take a little searching but there are companies out there that work exclusively with recycled gold. Looking for something more sentimental? Collect old rings from family and friends, and have them melted down into one, incredibly meaningful piece of jewelry. Or ask your grandmother or mother if they have a vintage ring you can use as your own. And lastly, when purchasing a diamond, always ensure it’s mined without conflict. All Canadian-mined diamonds are conflict-free.


To keep things personal, Navarro stops short of suggesting electronic invitations. “Etiquette experts agree you should still send paper invitations,” she explains. Luckily, there’s an entire market of recycled invitations out there. And, for all your stationery needs beyond invites and thank you cards, she suggests creating a wedding website. A simple website with a personal URL can be set up for less than $100 for the year and everything from RSVPs to directions can be posted there.


Want to save on the cost of flowers? Say “I do” at a botanical garden or outdoor park and let the venue’s natural backdrop act as your free decor.


"Try to bring the wedding to your guests", suggests Navarro. Reduce travel by holding your wedding in a city or venue that’s easily accessible for the majority of your guest list. “You don’t want your guests to travel far,” she explains. “Transportation has a huge impact and leaves a huge carbon footprint.”

Wedding Favours:

Favours are more optional than ever, in fact, many couples are deciding against them altogether. But if you are going to hand out favours at your wedding, ensure it’s something that won’t go to waste, such as an edible treat, homemade jam or chocolate, or tree seedlings that may be planted. Many forward-thinking couples are also opting to donate to a green cause on behalf of their guests in lieu of favours.

Wedding Dress:

Though this should be one of the easiest ways to be green, it’s often the hardest. “Many women have a very specific idea of what they want to look like on their wedding day,” Navarro says. Perhaps the simplest way to green your gown is to buy something you’ll wear again, such as this dress to the left which can be altered by shortening it into a lovely evening dress for future wear. If you look at it honestly, it’s a total waste of resources to spend thousands of dollars on something you will only wear once. Another option is to buy your dress second hand. If the thought of buying something pre-loved doesn’t sit right with you, borrow one from a friend who is already married. Finally, if you must buy brand new, ensure your dress has a second life. Donate it to an organization that takes wedding dresses or sell it yourself. “Just be sure to keep it moving along,” says Navarro.


Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury to enjoy earth-friendly travel. In fact, there’s a whole industry built around eco-tourism. When planning your honeymoon, choose natural destinations, places where the people and the environment will benefit from your visit. And always ensure you’re being a responsible tourist by making sure the products and services you purchase will benefit the local economy; for example, ensuring the souvenirs you buy weren’t made in China – unless, of course, you’re honeymooning in China.

If you need help getting started? Consult the Green Living Guides’ “Green Events & Weddings” section to find a sustainably-minded planner right in your own city. Having an Eco-Friendly wedding shows your guests you care about our Earth and that in itself can make your special day that much more so.

Thanks for logging in and be sure to check back with me tomorrow where I will continue with Seasonal Themed Weddings.

Cheers and Blessings,