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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Travel Tuesday...Jamaica Mon

A place I have dreamt of visiting since I saw the movie 'Cocktail'. I want to lay on the beach, drink champagne and watch the sunset while listening to steel drums.

Probably one of the most notable things about Jamaica is the music. Thumping, infectious and passionate sounds are the trademarks of Reggae, Jamaica's most internationally recognised music. Although this is Jamaica’s music, its origins are in the villages of Africa where people mourned the passing of an ancestor, heralded the birth of a son or celebrated the end of a harvest with song and dance.

Jamaica's traditional music is heavy with the substance of their collective experiences, struggles for personal freedom and independent nationhood. Music has been a tool for rebellion and for communication, nature and the Divine. It also provides a lyrical voice for their social and political commentary. The fusion of African and European heritage has produced several forms of music that still thrive in many modern communities.

Also, I would love to sit and listen to them talk. Their language is one of simplicity and joy. It is a colourful lingo spoken by a people with a gift for vivid imagery, ridicule and irony, down-to-earth humour and bawdy cuss-words. A creative intermingling of words which that their roots in the English of the colonisers and the African tongues of the majority.

A lot of it is quite easy to adapt to. Jamaicans tend to drop the "r" at the end of words, so that dollar becomes "dolla", and water becomes "wata". Double "t's" within words sometimes become double "k's", changing little to "likkle", and bottle to "bokkle". They often add or subtract "h" at will so that when you "harrive" at your "otel", "heverybody" will tell you "ello".

Where would you love to travel to?

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Thanks for blogging.

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Crystal said...

I've been to Jamaica. We stopped there on a cruise.

The place I most want to visit...ALASKA!!!! I'm so close...now if I could only get there! I'd also like to vist Australia!