Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Beginning...

Well...here we go.. I have heard about blogging, read a few of my friends and families blogs but until now I couldn't screw up enough courage to do one myself. But here I am...finally taking the leap to do one of my own, lol.

I have decided that life is full of too many what ifs and I have discovered the new freedom of chance taking. To compliment this new lease on my life I have also started a new online business through Etsy.com. My shop is aptly named "Ethereal Beginnings" and I will be retailing various bath and beauty products for my customers to enjoy. I have been dabbling with aromatology and aromatherapy for about two years now. I have been making my own formulations for family and friends ~ sold a few to some loyal customers as well.

Some people who are close to me feel that this dream of mine is foolhardy and time-wasting but I often wondered if I took the chance and gave it my best shot, could I make a go of it? I realized that unless I took control and had faith in myself I wouldn't.

I may flounder for a bit, may find success at some point, or I may totally flop. But...at least I am going to try. So...head on over to www.etherealbeginnings.etsy.com and may you find something luxurious to promote your dreams and make your spirit soar.

P.S. I am creating this blog before I have uploaded items to my site, which will happen in a day or two...so bare with me, lol...